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Romanian (Gypsy) Traditions - Death
Ancient gypsy rituals of death.  Pre-industrial revolution Roma peoples indigenous to remote villages of the...

Romanian Death Customs
Myths of Romanian Spirituality
Romanian inhabitants of the Carpathian mountains in pre....
[PDF]Death Rituals in Carpathia - rebirth ceremonies

Gypsy Death/Re-birth Rituals
Mulengi Dori...the dead man's string.  A ceremonial ribbon used to communicate with the recently deceased, primarily...
..."Hamishagos detlene"...spoken as a chant during a seance-type ceremony intended to disturb the spirit of a dead child...

Vrajatore; the "Mountain-Witch"
...chanting along with this ritual. In the carpathian mountain regions, she was traditionally...
​lost to the ages.  In particular, one sinister...

Symbolic rebirth of the human spirit or soul
Romanian Reaping Customs -
Romani (Gypsy) Death Rituals and ...

Romani Customs and Traditions: Death Rituals and Customs.
All Roma tribes have customs and rituals regarding death. The belief in the supernatural is ...

Gypsy Funeral - 
Vasile standing at his wife's grave at the six week funeral service. ... The priest carries on the rituals, most of them inside where only the family and close friends ...

Romanian Traditions -
After that all group simulate the funeral of the "Caloian". First they walk this ... In other Romanian regions dancing and singing accompany this ritual. For several ...

Romanian Superstitions
There are so many superstitions in Romania that will make you even wonder who are we and .... If a cat sits on someones grave, the dead soul arrived in Hell.
[PDF]Texte esenţiale din

Myths of Romanian Spirituality
This legend is not solely a creation of the Romanian people. ... Romanian people, as well as in its funeral rites.
[PDF]Death Rituals in Albania An anthropological review - Antrocom
Keyword: spirituality, grief, funerals, death rituals, wailing, mourning ..... (An attempt to reevaluate the lexical Romanian-Albanian concordances). In: Scritti.
By Georgiana Ilie, National nominee for Romania. Sometimes, death .... healing role of our death-related traditions, I would have gotten some comfort, as my.
Ritual - Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi Photography

Ritual documents various aspects of the Romanian culture, ...
Reaching the centre, they perform a dance until eventually, the bears fall dead on the ground.
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